Top 10 Awe-Inspiring Natural Wonders of United States

8. Redwood Forest, California

The redwood national and state parks in California state much known for preserving coast redwood, tallest trees on Earth. This national park contains 133000 acres of land, also protects different species of animals and plants. The oak redwoods have height of 370 feet and have average life span of 500-700 years. It is not at all massive as sequoias, have a narrow shape.

Coast redwood grows close to each other and maintain interweaving of roots, falling only happens rarely.  In fact the redwood national and state parks protects 45 percentage of remaining coast redwoods in the world. Wild rivers and streams also flows through this national park, also have 40 miles of pristine Pacific coastline. In that way the entire area support for rich wildlife diversity and balance the ecosystem of nature.

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