Top 10 Awe-Inspiring Natural Wonders of United States

America, The land of innovations also home to number of spectacular sights carved by mother nature. The lush forests, mind bending rock formations, majestic canyons and pristine lakes plays an important role in the tourism industry of the country. These protected areas also keeps ecosystem of nature healthy and resilient. Followings are 10 breathtaking natural wonders of United States.

10. Mount McKinley, Alaska

Mount McKinley also known as Denali, The highest mountain in North America at 20320 feet, located in Alaska state. In 1917 US President Woodrow Wilson signed the bill for preserving Denali mountain region as a national park, encloses vast area of 24500 square kilometer. This national park also home for wide varieties of animals and plants. Every year Denali National Park attracts more than four lacks of tourists, mountaineering, wildlife watching and backpack becomes famous activities.

Unusual species of wood frogs are also resident to Denali National Park. What makes this species of frog so strange is they can freeze during winter season, can keep body temperature between -1 degree Celsius  to -6 degree Celsius. During this period they won’t breath, heart rate also comes to zero. In the next spring season they restore their body temperature to normal range. This national park also features 12200 ponds and 18000 miles of streams.

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