Archaeologists in Jersey found this solid gold torc hidden in a Celtic coin hoard

© Jersey Heritage

© Jersey Heritage

© Jersey Heritage

© Jersey Heritage

“It’s an incredible time here,” said conservator Neil Mahrer as they began the process of conservation. “Every hour or so we are finding a new gold object.

“We did see some gold jewellery on the surface of the hoard, but since we’ve started looking at this shoe-box sized area, we’ve uncovered a total of six torcs, five of which are gold and one which we believe to be gold-plated. This is the only one that we think is whole, though.”

Dr Andrew Fitzpatrick, an Iron Age jewellery expert who has been involved in studying jewellery found in other Jersey hoards, assisted with the interpretation. He had already identified comparable features in examples found in 2nd century BC hoards at Bergien, Belgium and Niederzier, Germany.

A small stone was also uncovered, possibly of local granite. Archaeologists say it may be no more than a pebble in the field that fell into the treasure pit during the burial. But as it is an odd shape and size, its purpose will be investigated.

At the end of the clearing period the torc was scanned in place to record its position to fractions of a millimetre before being removed, along with some of the other jewellery surrounding it.

A week-long opening in November 2015 allowed the public to watch conservator Neil Mahrer and his team preserve the coins, which were been re-dated to between 30-40 BC.

a photo a gold ring sitting within a hoard of coins

The second ring to emerge from the hoard © Jersey Heritage

a photo of a hoard of rings with golden pieces of torc within it

© Jersey Heritage

A close p of a gold torc with celtic decoration

A detail of one of the torcs. © Jersey Heritage

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