Archaeologists in Jersey found this solid gold torc hidden in a Celtic coin hoard

The beautiful golden torcs found in a hoard of celtic coins in Jersey

This Celtic coin hoard found on Jersey has astounded archaeologists with a wealth of gold treasures.

Jersey Heritage’s conservation team were excavating an area known to contain gold jewellery when one end of a solid gold torc was uncovered.

The find followed the discovery of two other solid gold torcs – one gold-plated and one of an unknown alloy – along with a silver brooch and a crushed sheet gold tube. But the later artefact was considerably larger than anything previously unearthed on the island.

As well as a large, rigid neck ring, archaeologists say the torc has a massive decorative ‘terminal’ where it was likely to have been locked closed around the owner’s neck. The terminal is formed from two solid gold wheels, each about 4cm across and 1cm wide.

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