5 Terrifying Ghost Ship Sightings & Mysteries

The 2002 movie titled “Ghost Ship” was quite a hit when it aired in cinemas across the globe but little did the audience know that this was much more than just another scary movie. The movie itself was not based on real life events, although Ghost ships are a real phenomenon and have been spotted around the world for centuries. Here we look at five of the creepiest ghost ship sightings ever reported.

5. SS Valencia

SS Valencia

The SS Valencia was initially built as a minor ocean liner in 1882 by William Cramp and Sons but in 1897, she was attacked by a Spanish Cruiser in Cuba. A year later, she was fully operational again, but this time as a passenger liner. In 1906, the ship endured terrible weather and subsequently drifted out to sea, sailing into a reef. The ship took on too much water and eventually sank, taking as many as 143 lives with it.

A few months later, the tragedy takes a turn for the supernatural when a fisherman spotted a life raft from the SS Valencia filled with the remains of 8 people. A search was started, but nothing turned up. In the years following the tragedy, many sailors claimed they had seen the ship floating nearby the reef where it had initially sunk.

What makes this story even more interesting is the fact that 27 years after the sinking, a life raft from the Valencia was found floating in Barkley Sound. The life raft is said to have been in excellent condition, and even the paint had not dulled.

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