5 Terrifying Facts About The Smurl Family Haunting

It’s what hides in the darkness that pushes us to experience fear. We fear what we cannot see and control. This is a story that gives you an idea of an ugly monster that capitalizes on our fear. Enjoy!

5. The Stages Of Possession

The Stages Of Possession

It is critical to this story to know the three stages of possession. As most Ed and Lorraine Warren cases demonic possessions can take over and ruin many lives. It is scary for those who encounter this beast in its full nature. But for those that are under possession, it is the scariest and the most soul-crushing moment of their life. The three stages of possession are infestation, oppression, and full possession.

Infestation is the little things that many people don’t notice or try to deny. Some examples are sounds, eerie feelings and the haunting feeling of always being watched. The feeling of being watched makes us feel very unsettled. When we feel unsettled, we lose a sense of control, and that can be scary. You have no idea what it may be or where they are. But in this case, it’s not as nice as rainbows but evil as hell.

Oppression is the weakest link in the household becoming the specific target for upcoming attacks. It could be as simple as being pushed down the stairs, being hit, and the demon showing its actual form. To the targeted person this is utterly terrifying. Nobody will believe you and you are left alone to fight a battle. This stage continues until the soul, faith and hope are extinguished from the person. This means they have no fight left in them. Which leads to the third and final stage.

Full possession is when the demon has full power and is capable of anything and everything. The selected person will have their soul and body taken over. It’s tough to take the demon out of the person. They have to fight from the inside which can be the toughest task of all. The only step to take is to use an exorcism.

In some cases, it’s not a single person being possessed but the residence.

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