5 Creepiest & Eeerie Abandoned Locations Around The World

Abandoned buildings are an oddity in many towns across the globe, with many of them possessing odd and exciting stories to go with them. Often, many of them carry rumours of the paranormal. For an abandoned building or location to have made this list, it must be a site that is not terribly well-known and possesses either confirmed or rumoured connections with the paranormal, or some sort of instance of the macabre.

So, for example, I’ve purposely omitted the Chernobyl/Pripyat location, as I feel much has already been written about that place. The location also does not need to have paranormal activity, as three of the five of these sites do not have strong connections to the paranormal, but are assumingly creepy and haunting enough to make it anyway. Here are five of some of the creepiest abandoned buildings and locations from across the world.

5. Six Flags New Orleans, United States

Six Flags New Orleans, United States

There’s just something creepy and disturbing about abandoned amusement parks. These seemingly perfect places to film a B-movie horror flicks or conduct a ghost hunt are strung across the world.

What makes this park unique, however, is the abrupt and sudden end the park faced. As many would know, Hurricane Katrina swept in and created a humanitarian and environmental disaster never before seen in the United States. Many were forced out of their homes, and many places forever closed in a manner seemingly as sudden as the storm.

Over ten years after the storm, the park remains as a symbolic reminder of the storm’s horrors. A stroll through the grandiose park is in itself a trip to the dark side. The semiotic visages of a family-friendly paradise are strewn across in chaotic fashion, with some brandishing language not appropriate for the families that once visited this park.

If this were not enough, sightings of famous Looney-Toons characters and clowns have been reported strewn about out in the open. The park has recently been featured in the film, Jurassic World, with an almost seemingly apt giant alligator inhabiting parts of the park. Regardless of the lack of paranormal activity, this place serves as an incredibly haunting reminder of the devastation that Mother Nature can cause, and for that, this location fits comfortably on this list.

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