5 Believed Gateways To Hell

Many beliefs throughout civilisation tell of realms parallel to ours that are home to the souls of the dead. Opinions vary from one culture to another but the common connection between them all is that these places can only be entered after we die. However, there are locations throughout the world that are said to link our world to the next.

Mankind has always been fascinated by the concept that some places contain portals that lead to the afterlife. Many of these gateways supposedly lead to the Otherworld itself. Here are five gateways that are believed to lead to hell.

5. Mount Hekla

Mount Hekla

Stretching three miles long and 5,000 feet high, the monolithic Mount Hekla in Iceland has a violent past and an active future. It has erupted over 20 times in the last 1,200 years, and Geoscientists in Iceland claim that another eruption is imminent. Its most recent eruption occurred in the year 2000 and lasted two weeks.

An eruption in 1104 saw Mount Hekla gain infamy. Observers of the flowing, pooling and fountaining lava gave way to superstitions that Mount Hekla was the opening to hell, and that witches congregated there to consort with the devil; a superstition that survives to this day. The long list of lives consumed by Mount Hekla along with the devastating effect it has had on agriculture fueled the fears that the volcano is possibly a gateway to hell.

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