5 Amazing Discoveries Unearthed By Metal Detectors

3. A Ring That Had Been Missing For 48 Years

It was 1974 when amateur metal detectorist Roy Lloyd got a hit on his metal detector one day in Florida. The signal was coming from sediment just beside a lake, curious; Roy dug to see what he had found, and was surprised to see that it was a high school class ring from 1926.

The ring had the initials €œM.B€ engraved upon it. Roy became determined to return this ring to its rightful owner and set about placing ads and enquiries.

Eventually, a graduate of the 1926 high school class named Miles Baker came forward. Baker had accidentally dropped his ring into the lake while at a pier 48 years earlier and had thought it lost for good, which it would have been if not for Roy and his hobby.

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