5 Amazing Discoveries Unearthed By Metal Detectors

4. A Gold Nugget Worth $1,553,500

When an amateur prospector from Sonora, Mexico purchased an old metal detector from a radio store in 1989 he did not expect to find much.

After days spent scouring the boiling desert and with only a few nails to show for it the prospector was close to admitting defeat. Then, just as he was about to head home, his detector picked up something.

To his astonishment, he had just unearthed the largest gold nugget ever discovered in the Western hemisphere. Named “the Boot of Cortez” because it resembles a conquistador’s boot in shape, the nugget weighs in at 389.4 ounces, a full 100 ounces heavier than the former titleholder.

After being put on display for two years in a museum, the boot of Cortez was sold at auction for $1,553,500.

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