5 Amazing Discoveries Unearthed By Metal Detectors

The hobby of metal detecting is often ridiculed in the media, and it’s widely thought that those who take up the hobby are wasting their time since the only things they are likely to unearth are bottle caps and beer cans as opposed to hidden treasure. However, for these fortunate five €œdetectorists€ their metal detectors paid off, and they discovered some truly amazing finds.

5. $153,150 Of Stolen Cash

In 1944 workers at the Jacksonville postal department became suspicious when they began to receive complaints of stolen money from delivery recipients. An investigation was undertaken, but the culprit was never found. The complaints continued until 1945, when a postal employee named Marshall confessed on his deathbed that he was the thief, but he refused to reveal the location of the money before he passed away.

A search was commenced, and it was during an inspection of Marshall’s small backyard that a metal detector began to go off. Police found that Marshall had buried a length of pipe 9 feet underground in his own backyard, and inside the pipe were two tin cans filled with loot. The tin cans were what set off the detectors, and even though $153,150 was recovered from the pipe, there is a still large sum of the stolen money that is unaccounted for to this day.

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