10 Strange Tales, Conspiracies, And Folklore From Russia

Russia has a long, mysterious, and almost secretive history, especially to people living in the West. Sometimes, the lines between truth and fiction from this fascinating part of the world become a little blurred, but that just heightens the appeal and our curiosity.

10. Mysterious Holes In The Forests Of Siberia

Although many Internet sites have recently reported on mysteriously appearing holes in Russia, there are three particular holes in northern Siberia that are particularly interesting.

The theories to explain them include aliens or beings from the inner Earth, a meteorite strike, a simple prank, or a buildup of natural gas that exploded. The natural gas theory seemed to make some sense based on eyewitness and investigative reports.

People have seen strange flashes and smoke rising from the locations of the holes. Investigators also noted that earth and debris lay around the outside of the holes as if something had pushed this material out from below.

The holes themselves are like cone-shaped tunnels that go straight down approximately 100 meters (330 ft). This is confusing to investigators. One researcher said, “It is not like this is the work of men, but [it] also doesn’t look like natural formation.”

There is also disagreement on when these holes appeared. Some reports state that they formed around 2013. Others point to vegetation that has grown within the holes to suggest that they are at least several years older than that.

The investigations continue—as do the rumors about what caused these holes. Global warming is one of the latest theories.

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