10 Hot Holiday Destinations

3. Paris France


For: Food

Everyone knows that Paris is the City of Romance and Food, but it has that reputation for a good reason! The food in France is simply outstanding and almost unparalleled around the world. You can stay at very inexpensive hotels, or very expensive ones, depending on your budget; just make sure you leave enough money for the food and wine. Some of the things you will have to do: 1) eat macaroons at La Duree, on the Champs Elysee (you won’t be able to control yourself when you taste these things!), 2) eat ice-cream at Berthillon – the best ice-cream in the world (handmade entirely from natural ingredients), and 3) eat pastries at Pierre Hermé – the picasso of pastry. Don’t forget to check out Printemps – the incredible department store found on Boulevard Haussmann.

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