10 Famous Seances

For many, communication with the dead seems an utter waste of time. They simply don’t believe it is possible. But who hasn’t whipped out the Ouija board in their teenage years and had a go? Is it just pomp and circumstance, or something more?

10. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Séance

Inspiration for music can come from all manner of places. Ask the band “The Mars Volta” where they got their inspiration for the album Bedlam in Goliath, and they’ll tell you it came from beyond the grave. One of the band, Omar Rodriguez Lopez, bought a Ouija board while traveling through Jerusalem. The band had a few sessions and decided to write a song or two about their experiences with “contacting” the dead. Hitting the studio, they felt good about the new album. But then weird stuff started to happen. First the studio flooded, and then one of the studio’s engineers suffered a nervous breakdown. When singer Cedric Bixler-Zavala’s foot was injured, that was the final straw. The band burned the Ouija board and buried it where nobody could ever find it. Even rock stars, it seems, have their limits.

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