10 Disturbing Murder Mysteries From Canada

When we think of Canada, we think of things like friendliness, good manners, cleanliness, and hockey. But the country does have its dark side. Just like any other place, Canada has been home to good and evil alike. Some very bad people did some very bad things in Canada, and some of them have gotten away with it. It’s unlikely that we will be solving any of these murders anytime soon.

10. Dino Bravo

Photo credit: wwe.com via Wrestler Deaths

In his day-to-day life, he was known as Adolfo Bresciano, an Italian immigrant in Quebec. When the spotlight was on, he became Dino Bravo, professional wrestler. Dino achieved his greatest success in the late 1980s working with the World Wrestling Federation where he was billed as “Canada’s Strongest Man.”

Dino Bravo retired in 1992. Less than one year later, he was dead. His body was found in his home, sitting in front of a hockey game and riddled with 17 bullets.

Nobody was ever charged with Dino Bravo’s murder, and the precise circumstances regarding his death remain a mystery to this day. However, wrestlers talk. Rumors soon arose that Bravo was killed by the Mafia due to his involvement in a cigarette smuggling ring.

Although there’s no official story regarding Bravo’s death, wrestler and friend Rick Martel gave a detailed description of the events in an interview. After retiring from wrestling, Bravo used his family ties to Montreal mobster Vic Cotroni to make some money.

Bravo leveraged his fame to secure connections with people who wanted to work with a former wrestling champion. He grew more and more successful until he became responsible for a shipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars which was picked up by the police. His death was mob retaliation for a deal gone bad.

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