10 beautiful objects from the new Egyptology Gallery at World Museum, Liverpool

World Museum Liverpool has opened its new Egyptology gallery, showcasing one of the best collections of its kind in the UK. Here are some of the stunning objects you will see when you visit

10. The mummy’s mask

a photo of an Egyptian mask being renovated

A mummy’s mask in conservation. © Courtesy of National Museums Liverpool.

This beautiful but fragile cartonnage mummy mask dates from the Ptolemaic Period (332 BC – 30 BC). It came to the museum from the collection of Revd. William McGregor who amassed a huge holding of Egyptology in early 20th century. His father owned a Liverpool iron foundry.

The gilded mummy was in a fragmentary state, but it has some beautiful detail like this magnificent representation on the crown on the head showing the vulture goddess Nekhbet with her wings outstretched and patterned. The whole mask is beautifully adorned with the facial features painted in black overt the gilding.

A stippled pattern has been used to decorate the main body of the mask and there is a beautiful pattern of red and blue rosettes in a band across the back of the headdress. It has never been displayed before.

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